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6* 'EL' QUITU / QUITO, ¿kito... (u)?...This article comes from Arabic into Spanish, but is not from Spanish, Quichua or Quechua.
… It is typical when a phrase comes into Spanish from Quichua, contracting the letter A and the syllable EL = AL, from 'Spanish' (Arabic); y Quito (K-, u) from Quichua, to try to describe the RESIDENCE of the great chief (kuraka) (apu/Auki quito (k- u)), in this case, TUPAC YUPANQUI. (Huaina Capac Ynga...!?) Saá

...It is important to note that, in most official documents up to about the year 1800, references to the present-day city of (“San Francisco de…”) Quito, it is called “El Quito”, which in the Spanish language implies an EXPRESS description and recognition of the place and its origins (Kito...?, So the people were... Karas...!, and NOT “Schyri”...!!??) (... to this day, Quichua-speaking natives refer to the current capital of Ecuador as "el "...QUITO”, and sometimes pronounce it as "el...QUITU"...) Saá

…A look at the attached document: “...Indians from Hambato, allocating Community land", reveals the phrase:
"San Francisco del Quito, repeated at least thirty (30) times, in the space of one hundred fifty-five (155) numbered pages, resulting from the paleographical transcription from the original document (CERTIFIED photocopy and professional paleographical transcription ATTACHED at the end hereof…) Saá





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