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18* CHASQUI,...from Quichua (pumice grave is called ‘cascajo’); HATUN CHASKI was the name for rapid running messengers using “chaquiñán”* (*...footpaths through the hills) along the pathway later called the “road through the mountains and valleys” of the Andean high-altitude plateau, including TAMBOS where they would deliver their message ( verbally and/or physically using a "quipu" (o), to the next runner, waiting to immediately continue RUNNING to the next TAMBO... (... like a RELAY race).  

Since the "CAMINO REAL", was a 'chaquiñan' footpath, the road running lengthwise through the Royal mountain range through the equatorial region, with plenty of VOLCANOES, often active, this pathway was often covered with ''chasqui'' (pumice ash and gravel), which gave these runners their name of “CHASQUI (S)”. (RELAY RUNNERS*) Saá.

*" (*" hatun chaski / main runner; churu mullu* chaski: lesser runner, who brings the conch trumpet*") 'chasqui-nan '!!?? .
*" (*"Main runner, racer". G. P. de Ayala. Colonial)
These 'chasquis' carried OFFICIAL correspondence* (p. #70 ,15 Nov. 1698,*: .."I sent a CHASQUI with a LETTER and other documents..., "Decree..." distribution of Indian lands of Hambato...”)
* *Racer, runner, for these purposes synonymous with Chasqui. Saá
* (...churu mullu="trompeta de caracol"=concha "Spondilus") =*" kipa "Saá








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