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…What we call History comprises all projects, actions, happenings, etc. that, in relation (1*) to the present time / instant belong to the past (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, or millennia ago…). History is all the actions that happened in the past.

…Dynamically, what you just read is already history by now – the words, phrases, etc. that you have printed before your eyes right now are part of the past. Even if you re-read them, they are in the past, even if we try to bring them up to the present, in the form of words or printed materials (i.e., to make them say / listen / see / read, etc. again)...
(1* Relative /comparative)

…History is NOT made, but “RE-COUNTED”, re-told verbally or graphically (in writing)..., etc. As time goes by, some objects, facts, persons, animals, etc. become ICONS OF THE PAST... and therefore we describe them as HISTORICAL; actions, persons, objects, etc. that will be REMEMBERED and judged, according to the idiosyncrasy of each passing phase – persons, periods – when they will judge them as “good” or “bad”, heroic, etc.:

WE REMEMBER THEM. Everything we do or stop doing is history, providing at least some third party from some other time somehow re-cognizes* it (*Cognition again...)

...Those who have told (1*) in oral / verbal form; but above all in written / printed form, the happenings of the past (what has passed) have not always been people with impartial, professional, analytical criteria; moreover, they have not always been well-trained (interpreters / translators (2*) ); and generally, when they did not have ideological and/or economic interests at state (Church / conquistadors-colonizers…) (3*) ), they have been conditioned by the prevailing factors at the time (Inquisition / social pressure / dependence...).

Perhaps they were victims of their affective – sentimental nature ('gut feelings...’); criteria 'tied' to sentiments of affinity / aversion or, worse yet, with their souls mortgaged by resentments or “interpreted and applied to the service of narrow, partial historical criteria…” (B. Carrión, p.26)
Such factors, among others, have CONDITIONED, for far too long, the possibility of telling / writing THE TRUTH!

"Juglars" / oral traditions / remembrance and heritage…
Note / “comment” without any importance: I wonder, then, when they wrote about the “DISCOVERY” of the land later called “AMERICA”, if they referred to OPENING / discovering the way to..; since at that time the term “discover” was synonymous with opening / showing / constructing / releasing obstacles / “uncovering”..., and not, like today, when we use this word to mean practically INVENT / FIND – therefore, maybe Mr. Christopher Columbus KNEW BEFOREHAND WHERE HIS SHIPS WERE HEADED...!!?
(3*) was ordered: “... no history books may be printed or sold about these lands without the approval of the Council of the Indies..." A.N. Bulletin # 25 Decrees. Decree # 106. p. #227 .Dec. 21- 1641.
Ibid. Decree #150. p. # 351.March 19, 1647.
Ibid. Decree #185, p. # 399 Nov. 8, 1648.
Ibid. Decree #120 – p. #314. May 14, 1668.
Ibid. Decree #57. p. 161. Aug. 8, 1686.

So, I myself cannot accept that in the past or in the present, either – or even ever accept in the future, “without further proof” (although certain assertions are claimed to be axiomatic by now... !!!?), the “stories” bequeathed to us by certain historians* / history writers* from the past (...who were in the past in their day and still are...),… because everything they wrote is not true, nor have all truths been written...!!.(* Some of these history peddlers...)

Common sense that – I have to assume – reigns in ALL cultures on this planet, and therefore in all idiosyncrasies, in all languages – is not the EXCLUSIVE HERITAGE (...excluding or discriminating against others) of any BEING, CULTURE OR IDIOSYNCRACY...

A HISTORIAN CAN..., but SHOULD NOT...! reconstruct, retelling the past “in good faith”, i.e., simply, nobly based on their best understanding of facts (what happened), but must do this on the GROUNDS / based* (*on the basis / FOUNDATION...!) of something more solidly supported by DOCUMENTS...*(* or buildings, roadways (architecture)); 'PAPERS', archaeological vestiges: markings, drawings, paintings, physical and chemical analyses, etc. ); … the contents and results must be analyzed “in the light of” many varied factors, such as circumstances, timing, ideologies, beliefs, comparisons, etc. as the endorsement and reliable testimony that will enable them to avoid, insofar as possible, making “mistakes”...
They should keep from making value judgments conditioned by empirical considerations...

…We must not forget that the past is STATIC, unmoving – it CANNOT BE CHANGED AT ALL, nor should one try to change it, and NO ONE CAN.

The PRESENT is eminently DYNAMIC, so let us strive for a HAPPY tomorrow, when the present will be HISTORY…




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